Friday, December 17, 2010


Ever since Benihana my friend still never had her sushi fix until we went to Ginza.

I have only been to the uptown location before so didn't know whether the Yorkville location would be any good.

When I was browsing through the menu I noticed that they offered Thai food as well. I don't remember seeing a Thai menu at the uptown location but still decided to stick with the sushi since I liked the sushi at the Yonge location.

For the starter we ordered the crab sumono which was basically seaweed salad with pieces of crab meat. It wasn't the typical seaweed salad but this was delicious. The crab meat actually tasted sweet although it looked like imitation crab so I'm not quite sure if it was imitation or not but it was yummy. Along with the starter here is the catepillar sushi which was pretty refreshing. It was BBQ eel, avocado and crab meat all wrapped in a layer of fresh green cucumber.

The rainbow sushi pizza was really delicious as well. It was a mixture of salmon, tuna and some other fish over a deep fried rice pancake.

When the sushi first arrived it didn't look like much. Aside from the spider roll, all the rolls appeared pretty tiny. Me and my friend didn't think it would fill our stomach but we were wrong. We were stuffed to the max. After we were done we couldn't even move.

Other rolls included red dynamite roll, firecracker dream roll, sunshine roll and jungle roll.

The sushi was mediocre but out of everything we ordered my favourite was the crab sumono and the sushi pizza. Maybe next time I'll give the Thai food a try since I rarely eat Thai food. The last thing I ate that was even considered Thai food was a green curry dish however, I didn't find it that appealing but then again I don't really like coconut so maybe that's why I wasn't too fond of the dish. Maybe I'll try red curry next. Guess we will see. Sue I'm still waiting to try that Thai place you were recommending. Let's see if I like that curry dish since we all know how much I "love" curry hehe.


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