Friday, December 24, 2010

Crabby Xmas Dinner

This was my first holiday dinner where I had a seafood feast.

9 dungeness crabs, 9 lobsters, mussels and clams oh my.

I went to my inlaws to celebrate for Christmas. We had this huge pot, which was half my size and I am 5'4, filled to the rim with all the shellfish, bay leaf, a whole jar of cajun spice rub, some salt, corn and red potatoes and probably some other stuff I don't quite remember boiling altogether for around 30 minutes or so.

I don't know how much my boyfriend's brother spent on the groceries but me and my boyfriend bought 6 dungeness crabs from T&T for $105. Think they weighed around 3-5 lbs each. It was heavy just carrying 3 crabs alone. On our way to the house the crabs were scrambling around in the back seat of the car trying to find an escape route. It did not sound pretty at all.

Wished I had taken a picture of the actual crab since it was huge. I couldn't eat anything else after the ONE crab. I was stuffed till I couldn't pick at the meat anymore.

Crab juices were running down my arms yet I didn't care just kept cracking away at the legs. The shell was soft it was easy to break so didn't need to use the nutcracker at all since that was the only tool we had. By the time I was done my fingers became all wrinkly and prune-looking from scraping all the crab meat out. It was so gooooooood. The meat was so sweet and juicy just perfect.

This picture here just doesn't do it justice. This bowl is way bigger than it appears. I couldn't even lift it. Think it weighed around 40-50lbs. It was insane and this isn't even everything. There was still more in the pot.

Even the corn was delicious as well. It captured all the juices and turned into a reddish orange. It was sweet and full of flavor.

For dessert we bought a coffee cake from Amadeus for $39. It appeared rich and heavy but it was actually light and not as sweet as it looked. It tasted like the chocolate Ferrero Rocher with crunchy pieces of hazelnuts. I love Amadeus cakes they definitely use the most finest ingredients. Even the chocolate art piece tasted like fine dark chocolate and normally I don't like dark chocolate but this was choco-licious.

I hope we have another crab galore soon since it was a big hit. But this time we will buy less food since we had so much leftover from the last meal. Mmmmmmm sweet sweet crab:)


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