Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mars Diner

Yesterday I went to go watch the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Either I'm a real chicken or I just haven't watched any movie for a while but for a kids movie I found some parts to be scary especially the part where Dumbledore's ghost comes zooming out of nowhere. I almost jumped out of my seat.

After the movie I was hungry since I haven't ate anything yet all morning so me and my cousin searched for a place to grab a bite.

We were at the theatre at Yonge and Eglinton so luckily there were numerous options to choose from. I saw a sign that said all day breakfast so we decided to head to Mars Diner.

It was a cozy little diner. It looked like it was from the late 50s with its red colored seating and metal counters. All that was missing were waitresses on rollerblades dressed in those poofy poodle dresses. I would love to wear one of those poodle skirts for fun.

I was craving for breakfast so I decided to order the egg benedict with a side of sweet potato fries and a side of griddle cake. At first I didn't know what a griddle cake was but when I asked it apparently was another term for pancake. My sweet potato fries were crispy just the way I liked it and I didn't even had to tell them to make it that way. My benedict was delicious especially the peameal bacon. Mmmmmm bacon. However, as for my griddle cake I cannot say the same. It was dry. I only took one bite and just left it. I didn't even bother to complain since I was already stuffed from the benny so didn't want to get another order of pancake.

My cousin ordered the Mars chicken wrap. I tried a piece of her chicken since the waiter had kept emphasizing that almost everything on the menu was homemade. It was scrumptious. I definitely would order that on my next trip.

On a side note, the diner is open for 24 hours on weekends. Wished there were more places like that close to my area. The only ones I can think of are Asian places which I don't mind but would prefer a variety of choices of cuisine instead of just one.


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crazycoz said...

You always eat the same food when you go out. Gee just learn how to make egg benedict and sweet potato fries at home :P

Karen Ling said...

lol u make it for me and I'll come over and eat it:)

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