Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sen5es finally awoken MY senses

This holiday I'm sooooo poor. I'm so broke I can't even go out out to eat hence not much to blog about lately since I've been hibernating at home.

The only place I went to recently this month was Sen5es.

Last time I went for lunch at the bakery location and it was horrendous. This time I tried the restaurant location and it wasn't a complete disappointment. Unlike my first experience this time I was much more happier when I left.

Here we were given complimentary bread and some sort of fruit salsa.

For the starter I had my eye on the truffle spaghettini with lobster bolognaise, summer truffle and chervil. It was truly exquisite and a complete tease. It was so yummy but so little that I wanted more. It was a great start to the meal. So far I was impressed.

For the entrees me and my friend ordered the crispy duck breast with king oyster and shiitake mushrooms and the sea bass with risotto. The duck wasn't crispy at all. The first few bites were good but after a while it tasted a bit too gamey for me. The fish and risotto were perfectly cooked but could use a tad more seasoning.

Since Senses is known more for its desserts we had our eye on the molten chocolate cake. Man oh man was it a perfect sweet ending to our meal.

The chocolate cake was amaaaazing with the chocolate oozing out of the cake. It would have tasted even better if the cake itself was fluffy but the filling more than made up for the lack of fluffiness.

Overall, the food was good but pretty overpriced. One thing I do have to complain about is the service. Our waitress only appeared at our table twice throughout the entire meal. First was to take our order and the last was to give us our bill. I noticed she was much more attentive to the other tables and when it came to our table she was a bit on the snooty side. The manager/supervisor checked on us more than the waitress. It wasn't even busy either so there was no excuse for the poor customer service level.

The only reason I would return would be for the truffle spaghettini and the chocolate cake.

What a combo lol.


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crazycoz said...

You should have just ordered a box full of desserts and truffles!

Karen Ling said...

I was hungry at that time...i wanted real food:P

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