Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moe Pancer's Delicatessen

On Friday at work, we had ordered for lunch takeout at Pancer's Deli.

Since I had to go pick up the food it was my first time at the restaurant. It was a small family-owned establishment located along Bathurst between Sheppard and Wilson. The wall was splashed with a bright color of red and filled with dozens of frames of newspaper clippings. There were numerous reviews of the deli place. It was most famous for its homemade smoked-meat sandwiches.

Here is pastrami and corned beef with a bit of dijon mustard. It was very satisfying. The succulent juicy meat was utterly delicious.

Also ate their egg salad and potato salad and it was yummy as well especially the potato salad. I wanted to lick the plate till it was clean but refrained myself since I was at work.

They had also got a jar of pickles (the sour kind which I'm not really fond of I like the sweet ones better so didn't try the pickles) and cole slaw (another item I don't really like so can't tell you if it was good or not).


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