Monday, December 27, 2010

Desserts Plus...RACIST HOST!!!!!!!!!!!

Never in my life have I EVER experienced something like this.

Tonight I went for dinner with my cousin at Desserts Plus located in Woodbridge. My cousin really likes to eat pasta so I decided to take her there since I have been there a few times and the food is extremely good and the portions are humongous.

I made reservations for 7:30pm. We arrived at the restaurant five minutes early. There was a huge crowd swarming by the entrance. I made my way through the crowd and tried to look for the hostess. There was no one around. Finally I saw a guy coming and telling other patrons that their table was ready. I went up to him and told him that I had reservations for 7:30pm. He brusquely said to me " Go to the back of the line. Other people have reservations as well." I was shocked and appalled at the way he talked to me but I went to the back of the line and waited.

Forty minutes later the crowd had dispersed and I was still waiting to be served. The rude hostess spoke to people surrounding me asking who had reservations yet he didn't bother to ask me even though I was standing right in front of him.

Finally I told him again that I have reservations and he replied once again in that cold demeanor that I have to wait a few minutes. He even gave me a dirty look like he was disgusted with me or something. I just did not understand why he was treating me like that.

There was this couple that came in and waited only 10 minutes before being seated at a table while at that time I had waited for forty minutes and the hostess still hadn't even acknowledged me at all.

I was fuming when I saw that.

Even the patrons next to me noticed it and were angry for me as well.

Finally, after waiting for over an hour the jerk came and told us our table was ready. But the way he told us made me even more mad. He just came and pointed his finger almost right up to my face and said "You come." How insulting was that?!!

If it wasn't for my cousin who wanted to try the place I would've left the instant that giant couple got seated before us. Yes I am nicknaming them the giants because they were super tall although I do have other nicknames for them as well which I am refraining myself from typing it here.

THE HOST WAS A RACIST. He is bald with glasses and a beard. He is the obnoxious one so you can't miss him. Me and my cousin were the only Asians there. I didn't see him treat the other non-Asians the similar insulting manner that he treated us so yes I am calling him a racist although I do have other names for him but at this moment the most fitting one is RACIST.

It's such a shame. This restaurant really does have fantastic food and very generous portions but with that kind of service it ruins the whole dining experience. I was so angry that I couldn't even enjoy the food. However, I still tried to salvage what was left and made it enjoyable as I could for my cousin's sake.

I had ordered the veal parmigiana with cheese manicotti and my cousin had the chicken marsala with vodka penne. My entree was really yummy especially the manicotti. It was freshly made and the sauce was divine.

My cousin's chicken was dry but the gravy sauce more than made up for it. It didn't taste like the typical gravy and I can't quite describe what it tasted like but it was really good. However, the penne had a strand of hair in it so my cousin asked for another pasta dish. She asked for the same pasta dish I got since she really liked mine however they ran out of the sauce so they replaced it with a rose sauce which wasn't too bad.

Since the location of this restaurant is hidden coupled with the fact that they don't even have a website I think most of their business comes from word of mouth. Believe me I won't be referring this restaurant to anybody. If you can handle the rudeness and long wait even with reservations then by all means go for it. As for me this will be my last and final trip. I really don't see this restaurant lasting long if they don't do something about the service. With so many other competitors in the food industry every little bit counts.


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J P said...

I know nothing is an excuse for rude behaviour, and lack of manners, but that guy is rude to everyone.. even his own kind. So what's the best way to treat someone like with in a humorous way?

J P said...

PS - If you are not a regular or a person with connections, you should expect for a bit of a wait even if you make reservations. It's just the way this restaurant is run. It's not good, but it's a family restaurant, and they do not have to worry about getting customers to come in. I hear that quite a lot of people do take out. So that may be a better way to go.

Karen Ling said...

thx for the post JP but I can't support a restaurant where they know their service is horrible no matter how good their food is

I rather spend my money at a restaurant that serves mediocre food and has decent customer service than a place that has great food but rude people well in this case a man with no manners or any sort of etiquette

it really ruins the whole dining experience and I can't enjoy my food when I'm so peeved off...nobody deserves to be treated like that especially when they are a paying customer

any hoot if you have any recommendations for Italian restaurants but with better service please do share:)

J P said...

Yes, I'm also that way. And it gets me even more mad when it's just one person who is being the ass. But I always try to let things like this go. I'm sure that there is a cause to why this guy is an ass. For example, maybe he has a horrible family life and this is his way of getting back at the world. All in all, I agree with you.

As for great Italian Restaurants in Toronto, what about Paisano's Italian Garden Cafe? I've been there once, and I remember the food was good. And now that I'm looking at the menu again, I can't wait to give them another visit because they have grilled calamari on their menu. Do you know how hard it is to find grilled calamari?!

Here is their website:

Karen Ling said...

if he wants the world to be just as miserable as him then I definitely want to stay far away from him.

there's already enough negativity going on I don't need to add anymore to my life...that's just how I see it

thanks for the recommendation i will definitely add it to my list

I'm right with you on that it is difficult to find good grilled would think people would know by now nobody likes to eat rubbery squid lol

what else would you recommend from Paisano?

Daisy said...

I truly believe that guy is RACISM. My family have the similar experience when we were there a couple weeks ago. We went there with 2 hungry boys and waited in the line for 1 hour. The group immediately after us was 3 adults. When we finally got to the front of the line and saw the man came, I excitedly told him that "We have 4 people." He didn't even look at me and said coldly "Not you." Then, he asked the group of 3 adults how many people and even shaked hands with them. If this is not racism, what is it?! I was also surprised that the people after us didn't feel shame as they saw our sons were so tired and hungry while waiting in the line for an hour. I didn't get mad at them just because my kids were there. I didn't leave just because my sons were very hungry and tired.
To conclude, we won't go there any more. It's hard to make money already. Why let ourselves have hard time when spending money?! No matter how good the food is, it doesn't deserve us to sacrifice our dignity for them.

Eat Here Next said...

thanks for sharing Daisy...glad to know i'm not the only one who feels this way...i just don't understand why people still return...i would much rather go and spend my money on horrible food then to go and return to that place again

Eddy Hill said...

Why would you even wait one hour to eat at any restaurant, Desserts Plus is a joke and there is a reason why the food is cheap and it's not because it's top quality. The restaurant is a hit and miss, I know many people who have been there more then once and the food was good one time and bad the other.

Eat Here Next said...

@eddy i am still pissed at how i was treated i refuse to return even if they gave the food away for free i wouldnt step foot in that restaurant

Anonymous said...

I will keep my explanation simple for you....MOB the portions alone say money laundry. Just For getta about it.

Anonymous said...

lol they won't stay in business long?!?!? lol r u kidding me they've been around for a long time, were on hwy 7 previously and the food is AMAZING and portions and prices are unbeatable....its never good service no matter what ur race but thats to be go there for the food and the food only!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have also been treated the same way and I am Jewish, although Mr. Meanie (as I like to call him) has no way of knowing this because my wife and I look like munga-cakes. So...a racist I doubt, but a big DUMB SHMUCK I can agree with. He just has a big ego and likes to stroke it himself by being the definitive Mr. Meanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The bald guy with an attitude is Bruno,he can be very irritating for those who do not know him. This is a little tip for all who he upsets call him by his first name Bruno, and act like you are from New York, go on the offensive, like hey Bruno lets go im waiting here all night lets go , in his face allthe time he will get the picture, and the next time you come he will definitly know you. You have to establish your spot . He knows when i walk in and after awhile hewill know you. Call it a fun experience learn how to play him. the place would not be the same with out him. Dont fight him join him. the food is good and Bruno is good too , once you get to know him you will have a better time, smile take nothing to heart and enjoy desserts plus and you will lookforward to seeing Bruno too.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm in no way affiliated with Dessert's Plus so please don't misinterpret my response as bias. I do eat there from time to time and I personally enjoy their food, they always seem to be extremely busy so others appear to agree.

But more importantly besides the food, is definitely the service, I agree, and I'm not going to even get into attempting to justify that situation, its inexcusable. But right now, its irrelevant, cause you're bashing the restaurant, 1 bad employee does not represent the attitude of an entire business.

See, Shitty part is, as a business owner myself, the actions of one employee does not represent the attitude of the owners or the other employees I as a business owner want all my customers to be treated with the best customer service possible and beyond. We pay our staff, so we do our part, we get screwed by a bad employee and then we lose customers too. (not implying the deserts plus guy is an idiot, just saying). As owners, we do my part, I pay my employees. If i knew they were rude to customers, I give em the boot, I'd have to.

Unfortunately, customers don't always bother to tell the owners. they tell their friends, everyone they pass on the street and post threads like these in attempt to further hurt the business. Yet, WE (owners) didn't do anything to you!

So, realistically, I guarantee you if rather then respond my bashing the restaurant, you approached the correct personal in a proper manner, be it owner, manager, whoever and explained your situation you'd get a true genuine apology and I wouldn't be surprised if you'd even get a free meal or dish or dessert, or something to go along with that apology.

So please as a business owner myself to all consumers, realize we are just as damaged and offended by a bad apple employee as you may be, and even more so cause it hurts us financial.

Unknown said...

Hostess = woman, Host = man

NY said...

Hostess = woman, Host = man

Unknown said...

You can't keep everyone happy and there are way more compliments than complaints, from what I am hearing!
Only difference in this forum is that there are some people who hide behind their words by posting things anonymously. I believe the word racism is being used to frequently, It could of been another number of reasons he overlooked you?

Unknown said...

2017! It's still happening.. Went there last month, very similar experience. Same guy and owner still justifies, covers up by saying we can't keep everyone happy! HA :)

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