Saturday, January 22, 2011

Congee Time

Brrrrr. It's freeeezing outside. I HATE winter!!!

Even though I was born here in Canada I still can't get used to the cold. It's funny how every time I complain about the chilly weather people often ask where I was born and I reply "I was born here but my body just can't accept any temperature below zero degree celsius." I may whine about the freezing cold but I wouldn't live anywhere else but here in Toronto. We have all 4 seasons of weather but thankfully (knock on wood) no catastrophic natural disasters such as hurricane, tornado, earthquakes or floods. Winter is simply my time to hibernate.

Unfortunately today my fridge was empty and I did not feel like trekking out far in the snowy weather so Congee Time it is for some simple but delicious and rather filling Chinese cuisine.

Here is our usual order.

My boyfriend always orders the beef chow mein. He loves the crispy fried yellow noodles drenched with a hearty topping of meat and veggies.

My favorite dish is the congee with pork and preserved egg and salted egg. I always scoop out the preserved egg and eat the rest of the congee. My boyfriend always question why don't I just order the congee without the preserved egg. I reply it's just not the same. It's my quirk. I can't help it. The only thing missing is salted peanuts. I remember when I was a kid most restaurants served the peanuts with congee but nowadays with all the nut allergies they no longer offer it which is a shame since I loved the crunchy texture it added.

Here is black peppered beef that I normally add to my congee to give it a boost of flavor.

Another regular is the rice noodle in X.O. sauce served with peanut and hoisin dipping sauce. I personally like the hoisin sauce over the peanut sauce.

I wanted to try something new so I chose this dish which was pan fried rice noodle with beef and enoki mushrooms. It came with the same dipping sauce as the previous rice noodle dish but it was tasty enough that it did not require the extra sauces at all. This will be one of my usuals from now on.

To end the meal we washed it all down with a glass of HK style milk tea drink. I don't really know what makes it HK style but we love gulping down this drink.


5817 Yonge Street
(close to Finch)

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Maggie said...

you guys really like beef! haha
gabe's fav is canto chow mein! the preserved egg and pork congee is one of my all time favs, you don't like the preserved egg??
i LUV HK milk tea haha, maybe the condensed milk makes it HK style, i think at a food court before i saw them use Red Rose tea lol probably easy to make at home but never tried

Karen Ling said...

i like the salted egg more...i don't like the texture of the preserved's like hard jello

is there coffee in the drink...i always thought it was tea & coffee mixed together haha

make it for me when i come over next time:)

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