Saturday, January 8, 2011

Peak Top Cuisine

Duck is not my top choice when it comes to meat but when I'm at Peak Top Cuisine duck is the only meat I order.

The most popular dish at this restaurant is the peking duck. It's a 2 course meal which can feed 2 people. I always order this dish every time I come here and each and every single time it never disappoints.

It starts off with a whole duck where the waiter slices off the skin of the duck right before your eyes. With each slice you can hear the crispiness of the duck skin. I was drooling just at the sound of it.The rest of the meat is then taken back to the kitchen to be stir fried for the next dish.

The skin is then wrapped in some sort of flour wrap with shaved green onions, cucumber, carrot and a dab of hoisin sauce. It is soooo yummy. Each bite filled with flavorful juicy duck meat with a bit of crunch from the skin. Fatty but oh so gooooood:)

Once we chowed down the first dish the waiter brings us the second course. The remainder of the duck stir fried with veggies.

The meat is wrapped in a piece of fresh green lettuce smeared with a dash of hoisin sauce.

Me and my boyfriend normally get stuffed from this duck meal but my boyfriend was craving for the dungeoness crab in the H.K. style seasoning with shallots, garlic, minced pork and chili powder. It was scrumptious. We were sucking out every morsel of crab meat from the shell taking in the sweet flavor of the crab mixed with the salty chili seasoning. What a perfect combination. Gotta love Asian food.

When I went to go rinse my hands the sinks in the washroom are adorable. They definitely go well with the Asian decor.

Overall, the best peking duck in the city.


3255 Rutherford Road, Unit 22-25
(close to 400)

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Maggie said...

which location did you go to? i LUV peking duck!!! your post is making me crave it haha

Karen Ling said...

what do you mean which location? there's only 1 location lol

Karen Ling said...

the restaurant is located in the plaza outside vaughan mills

Karen Ling said...

doesn't the duck look juicy hehe the skin was so crispy mmmmm

Maggie said...

there's one at first markham place! so you guys finished all that food? that's a lot! mmmmm

crazycoz said...

Oh I love chinese duck. The best way to eat it is sandwiched between baguette, cucumber, and plum sauce. Way better than hoisin sauce and the wrap :P

Karen Ling said...

o yea never tried it before...where do you go to eat it?

have you even tried this yet? if not then you don't know what you're missing:P

Karen Ling said...

o yea didn't realize that then again i don't really go to markham much..have you been there? is it any good?

yea we finished all the was really goood:)

Maggie said...

I haven't gone yet, need to find time, a few places seem to have Monday specials...
I can't believe you guys finished all that food, G thinks it's too much for 2 ppl (us) was it mostly E? haha but i'm drooling over having whole duck to ourselves, usually eating out i just get 2 pieces hehe

Karen Ling said...

honestly it wasn't that much...technically it's only 3 dishes but yea we were stuffed

also E can eat haha

now you see why i cant lose weight lol

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