Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Yesterday me and my friend were looking forward to having lunch at Mildred's Temple Kitchen. Little did we know that they do not serve lunch on weekends. Since we were starving we decided to stay and try out the brunch.

The place was packed. Luckily we arrived a little after the rush so we only waited about 10 minutes before we were seated.

The restaurant was very spacious with a modern decor minus the enormous pig statute right on the bar. The kitchen was an open concept so patrons can watch the chefs working their magic.

Once we were seated me and my friend couldn't help but gawk at the family next to us. Their food looked very tasty. The father was eating poached eggs on a croissant which looked absolutely delish and the kids were eating pancakes which looked just as mouthwatering as well. Immediately we knew what we wanted to order.

On top of that I wanted to try the biscuit and scone since I read some very good reviews on it.

Here is the buttermilk biscuit and black currant scone served with homemade preserves and sweet butter. It was a great start to the meal. The baked goods were hot from the oven. It was truly delightful. My friend really enjoyed the jam. She thought it was better than the high tea at Windsor Arms. I have never really ate much biscuits to have any comparison. The only one place I can think of is Red Lobster's buttery garlic biscuits. Yummy. However, scone-wise so far this place is ranked #1 on my list.

Here is the Veda's choice which is poached eggs on a croissant with smoked salmon, Bearnaise sauce and a side of mixed greens. While my friend was splitting the croissant in half you can actually hear the crunchiness of the outer layer. The Bearnaise sauce was airy light and the amount of the sauce was just perfect. The eggs were well seasoned and was tasty on its own even without the sauce. But one bite of everything as a whole it was definitely scrumptious. The salad however, was mediocre nothing special to report there.

Here is the blueberry buttermilk pancakes piled high with whipped cream and blueberries all swimming in a pool of sweet maple syrup. These were undoubtedly the BEST pancakes EVER!!! Fluffy and sweet. Just heavenly. It did not taste starchy or dry like most places. The pancake itself had a nice sweet flavor to it. Everything complimented each other perfectly. I just couldn't get enough.

So glad we decided to give the brunch a try. Now I wonder whether lunch could top that. Guess we will see.


85 Hanna Ave.
(close to King St. West)

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DMD said...

Hi Karen,
Happy to hear you enjoyed your first brunch experience at Mildred's Temple Kitchen. We look forward to seeing you again.
Donna Dooher
Proprietor/Executive Chef

Karen Ling said...

Keep up the great work and i will keep coming back for more:)

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