Monday, October 3, 2011

Louis XIV

Sweet sweet Louis.

After eating at Ruelo, we walked around Time Square and stumbled upon a lil cake shop called Louis XIV. With the cake display still embedded in my head, I finally returned and bought a couple of desserts to try out.

They have macarons and cake balls as well.

Here is the list of cake flavors available. Since it was my first time here I decided to opt for the mini cakes on display.

I picked out 2 cakes and it came packaged in this bright red box.

Pistachio cake was decadent. I think it was chocolate cake on the inside covered in some sort of chocolate layer with pistachio cream filling in the middle. I honestly can't remember and I should've wrote it all down but I was just too excited and wanted to eat it right away.

This was my favorite cake, the lychee rose with actual bits of lychee pieces. So so sooooooo yummy. I wished I had gotten more of this cake.

I can't wait to return and try out the other cakes as well. I am just drooling again all over the lychee rose. Mmmmmmmmm.


Louis XIV Cake Boutique
550 Hwy 7 East, Unit 67
(Time Square)

Louis XIV Cake Boutique on Urbanspoon


kiki's B.F.F said...

Was it very sweet?1 Was told by some friends that it's way too sweet

Lucky Free Slots said...

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Chee said...

After trying so many dessert places (and you know I'm a dessert fan), this has become probably one of my faves! Can't wait to try some of their other goodies. Thanks for buying K! You definitely know what to get to cheer me up! hehe =) *drool* It's an eat here next for me too! Now the question is when do we go back? ;)

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Idol lash said...

This cake because it looks like Louis XIV, with pieces of toasted hazelnuts and hazelnut proteins butter cake as a base that fills the top covered with a creamy hazelnut chocolate thick, crunchy toasted hazelnuts.

Mary said...

these are sooo pretty! I'm surprised that Time Square would have a cake place like this.

Volcano Vaporizer said...

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Eat Here Next said...

@kiki no it was perfect not overly sweet just the rite amount of sweetness...u shud def go check it out:)

@chee haha glad u love it and anytime ur free im always up for desserts:)

@mary i just stumbled upon the place cause i was so full so just wanted to walk a bit otherwise i wouldnt have even known of the place

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